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At Phantom Heart Records, Inc., our mission is to help individuals and businesses achieve financial security through all the challenges that occur on the path to success. This strategy includes education, business tools, capitalization techniques, strategies for wise utilization of your profits, and media services to add impact and sales to your efforts. The primary arenas we provide education and assistance towards these goals are through:

  1. Internet business creation and advertising.
  2. Education about the Financial Markets, contrasting the Traditional and Alternative Arenas.
  3. Media services for the Internet, including video and music creation and recording.

Please contact us to see what we can do for you and your business. We have a combined 50 years in our industries, and have access to an exceptional network of companies that complement what we bring to the table!

Internet Services

When adequately paying jobs are scarce in this economy, often your last and best choice is to create your own business - employ yourself. The Internet offers an ideal opportunity to branch out on your own and take your destiny into your own hands. The advantages of an Internet business are:

  1. Everyone has access to it. It is essentially the new Television. It resides in everyone's home and everyone watches it - both to entertain themselves and to learn from.
  2. It allows many avenues to get your message across: text, pictures, audio, and movie.
  3. It is an extremely inexpensive marketing tool. Social Media is free as are Blogs, Article posting, and placing videos about your service on sites like You Tube.

We help you achieve an Internet business through:

  1. Web Site Creation - employing all the necessary SEO knowledge to craft your site for the Search Engines.
  2. Company Promotion - through the few remaining avenues available for effective Internet advertising: select Article Submission, Press Releases, and Informative Video.

Financial Education

As you grow your business and achieve ongoing success, you need to know what financial products are available to help your business increase profits. Magnify the results of your success through Alternative Financial Services. We can help you understand which financial products still work and which ones do not. With the Stock Market roughly where it was 11 years ago, Treasury yields below the inflation rate, and savings accounts barely worth the time it takes to go to the bank, the Alternative Markets may offer you the kind of returns that will move you forward at the pace you deserve. We've operated in the financial field, both Traditional and Alternative, for over 26 years. Let us help you make the best decisions for your financial well being.

Media and Video Services

As the ideal complement to your business strategy, modern media is the perfect avenue for getting your message out. Enhanced video is now the most effective vehicle for explaining what your company does and attracting people to your site. In the days where dinosaurs crawl out of the movie screen to entertain you while you eat popcorn in the theater, video is the norm for individuals looking for something new. Did you know that YouTube is the second most popular search engine, surpassing even Yahoo? Video is quickly becoming the new standard for finding information on the Internet.

If a picture is worth a thousand words, a movie is worth a thousand pictures. There is a striking difference between reading an article and watching a short movie about what that article was trying to say. Please review our video page to learn what creative video and media can do for your business.